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Well, its pretty clear that winter is coming. Make sure you get what you need to be prepared at Durfee’s. Also, I know that it feels a little early but we have Christmas lights on sales this month.

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People seem to like a little history

I got an email from a faithful customer of ours that I would like to share.

My new Durfee Hardware story happened this weekend. A good friend of mine has been doing a lot of work on his house. The work has been a combination of DIY along with hiring people to do things like walls and floors.  He had to remove his radiators while the floor was being leveled and replaced.  When the floors were done, he needed to reinstall his radiators.  After talking to a few friends, he was told that he needed a spud wrench.  The first thing Saturday morning, he went to XXXXXXX because their website told him that they had spud wrenches there.  Unfortunately, they did not, and they even told him that no one had them.  He was really bummed out as he needed the radiator for both heat and hot water which is a zone on his furnace.  After talking to him for a bit, I told him to try Durfee Hardware. He called and was told that they had two.  He asked Durfee Hardware to put one aside for him and he was able to pick it up later Saturday morning.  I told him that if you can’t find something, try Durfee Hardware.  I am sure he will go back.

Anyway, I wanted to share the story with you. I’m sure that it is only one of many.

This is a story that we have heard over and over since my grandparents started the place. We take pride in having what you need.

Stuff I did this month—

When you do a lot of work yourself there is another benefit than just saving money and having it done well. When I do a job around the house I save the extra material. When I built the house, I saved the extra bathroom tile up in the attic.Now, 35 years later, I had some chipped tiles and I went up to the attic and got a bunch of new ones to replace them.Sure, I’ll need to upgrade someday but, for now, the bathroom looks pretty well maintained.

The thing I do with tile that a tile guy probably won’t do is that I don’t grout the seam between the tile and whatever it is butting up against. So, between the tile and the tub, I used an acrylic caulk in that seam rather than grout. It keeps you from having a thick bead of caulk and it seems to hold its shape way better. I’m guessing professionals don’t do it because it would require you to come back the next day after the grout was set to put the caulk in.

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