December 2020 – Durfee Newsletter

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It’s the holiday season so you should visit Durfee’s to make your home festive.

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People seem to like a little history…

I’m sure that my Dad didn’t think much about what I was learning when I worked on various projects with him as a kid.  I think he just enjoyed working with me.  He did teach me most of what I know about fixing and building stuff.

I didn’t think much about it either until I got a text from my daughter last month.  She became an architect and works for a rather large firm that designs fancy buildings.

Here is her text: “Every time I go to a construction site I am grateful that my dad taught me how to safely go up and down a ladder”.

Being a woman in a predominantly male field isn’t always easy but I know that she wins the confidence of her coworkers with her knowledge.  Not just the design and drawing stuff but her knowledge of construction in general that they don’t teach in architecture school.  The ladder stuff?  Well, I did make her paint the house with me.  She learned how to use tools building my backyard deck with me.  Putting down tile?  Yup.  Fixing some plumbing, of course.  The years working at the hardware store helped as well.  All of these experiences make her very confident at the construction site and not just behind a desk.

For me, I just did it because I wanted to work on projects with her.  I’m glad all of that pleasure had other benefits.  Who knew??

Stuff I did this month

I have to admit I didn’t do anything to speak of this month.  I had the opportunity to visit with my first grandchild this month so I’m letting my home improvement work go.  There will certainly be some things worked on in December.  When she gets older you can be sure that she will be doing some projects with me!



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