March 2020 – Durfee Newsletter

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My daughter tells me of a woman that came into the store many years ago and asked for green spray paint for her lawn.  My daughter mentioned that it was likely to kill the lawn but apparently she was selling her house and wanted the grass to be green right away.

Rather than spray paint your lawn, you should get a start on spring gardening by visiting Durfee’s.  You got to hurry if you want to start seeds for your tomatoes and peppers.  (You can always buy plants from us later if you don’t quite get your act together.)  Also, note that there is Turf Builder on sale!


My dad always had the green thumb in the family.  He would always take the used coffee cups from our break room and plants seeds in them. Because the show windows of the hardware store faced east, that is what he would use as his greenhouse.  He spent summers on a family farm in Maine as a child so I think he didn’t view tending to the seedlings as a chore.  I think it reminded him of his childhood.  Later, instead of having to mix the potting soil himself, he would use peat “pellets”.

He would take the cover of a 5 gallon pail and line up a bunch of peat pellets on it.  He would let me add the water.  I used to think it was so cool how these flat pellets would “grow” to several times their size when I added the water.  If you haven’t planted from seed before or haven’t seen the peat pellets then maybe now is the time to give it a try.

As to when to plant various seeds, a good source is the farmer’s almanac.

There is some satisfaction in eating vegetables from your garden.  Also, looking at pretty flowers if that is what you prefer.  We used to grow all sorts of things but we would grow pickling cucumbers and dill so my mother could make dill pickles and bread and butter pickles.  That’s another nice thing to do with your kids that doesn’t involve using a phone.

Oh, the flexible flyer sled I was talking about last month is hanging on the wall in the hardware department if you wanted to see it.


I bought a lot of random things last month from the store.  Turns out my carbon monoxide detector was old so I got a new one (they last 5 to 7 years).   Also, I needed another flashlight.  I noticed that we were low on aluminum foil, coffee filters, and dishwashing tablets so I got those.  The Brita water pitcher we have needed a new filter so we got that as well.  This flu season, Clorox wipes are pretty handy as well.

There was a hand truck on sale that was so good that I couldn’t pass it up.  I need to get stuff out of my basement and into the garbage and that will be really handy for that.

I went to the new car wash.  Ever since I did, there was a film on my windshield that made it hard to see when it rained.  I got glass cleaner and then I bought Rain-X spray to repel the water.  If you never have used the rain-x spray you might think it is a crazy thing to buy but it is so fantastic.  When there is a light rain, you hardly need your wipers because the rain just slides right off the windshield.

Our bathroom window shade was looking old.  I got a “room darkening” shade since this bathroom is connected to our bedroom.

Cleaning toilets isn’t glamorous but there is this wand thing that we sell and I got some of the cleaning refills for this, very helpful, device.

Finally, I decided to finally fix my home burglar alarm system.  This required me to buy some crimp connects so I could connect some of the wires together.  Always twist wires together so they would likely work just fine like that and then crimp them to make sure they stay.

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