September 2021 – Durfee Newsletter

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Fall cleanup is around the bend!


People seem to like a little story

I spend time on the outside of the house to make sure that I maintain it well so it won’t be damaged.  This month I decided to clean out my basement and my garage.  Wow, there is years of stuff in there.  After I got all the junk out of there I was left with sweeping the floors.  My wife asked me if I was going to do it one day and I said that I can’t because I don’t have any sweeping compound.

Her answer was “What is sweeping compound?”.   Funny how you think everybody is like you or had your experiences.  My dad would pay me 50 cents to come to the store when I was really young and sweeping was about all I could do.  The handle of the broom was taller than I was.  I think I was maybe seven or eight years old.

The first thing you did was put some sweeping compound down so that the dust wouldn’t kick up into the air when you swept.  Also, fine dust gets attracted to the sweeping compound so the job is much better than if you didn’t use it.

This early job resulted in some money that we then would go to the bank across the street and deposit every once in a while.  When I was a little older, I’d keep some of that money and go to the “spa” on Budlong road and buy some candy or a glider or something like that with it.

Of course, my wife is originally from Massachusetts and she had no idea what a “spa” was.  I think they have all almost gone away.  Too bad, they have good memories for me as a kid.  I remember going to the one on the corner of Dean Street and Cranston street in Meshanticut.   The attraction there was the pin ball machine.  Yup, a real pin ball machine.  No fancy computer screen.  Just a big metal ball rolling around.


Stuff we did this month

August was pool supplies and also doing some driveway patching.  I find a little patching every year keeps it looking good.

There was an opening in the siding of my house where a piece of conduit enters so I bought some caulk to fill that hole.

I have some crabgrass so I bought some “spot” weed killer rather than treat the whole lawn.

There was a little mold on my house.  That happens every year.  Its simple enough to wash it off with some house wash that I bought that connects right to your hose.

I bought some “mounting tape” because the frame on the side of my window air conditioner was pulling away.  This new stuff they make is incredible.

I “paint” one side of my house each year or so with some solid wood stain.  That way the job isn’t as big as if I left it to do all at once.  Got the back of my house done this year.


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