September 2018 – Durfee Newsletter

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Is everyone ready for incoming fall weather? If not, we have everything you’ll need to stay ahead of the season. Come on in today and check out the latest sales and offers.


Normally I talk about my Dad since this is his hardware stores’ newsletter, but this time of the year makes me think about my Grandmother and my Mom. Basically, when I think of homemade pickles, it reminds me of them. I can remember my grandmother sending me to the basement (a stone foundation, dirt floor cellar) where she kept the pickles she made in the fall. I think it was more memorable because it was a creepy basement to me as a little kid, than just the pickles.

They both made bread-and-butter pickles and dill pickles. They really don’t take that much time to make. I remember boiling the brine and putting everything in mason jars. Do you remember the mason jars with the rubber ring? That’s what we used to use. My Dad would grow the pickling cucumbers in the garden.

I thought of them when I recently went by the canning section of the hardware store. Though the mason jars have changed, the memories you give your kids will likely be the same.


I continue to work on my porch. I know it seems to be going on forever but I’ve been going to the beach a lot on my days off. I’ll get more serious in the fall.

I am making custom “crush blocks”. These are the blocks that go under the bottom rail and the porch floor. They help support the railing span in the middle. I cut the shape of the blocks so that they fit into the grooves of the railing itself.

I had to get more house paint so that I could put the finish coat on the railings.

Of course, I still am buying the household stuff from the store like toilet paper, etc. I bought this toilet cleaning “wand” that has a disposable end to it, which is pretty great. After that, you just buy the refills.

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