October 2019 – Durfee Newsletter

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We’ve had great weather but you should think about getting those broken or clouded windows fixed before it gets too cold.

Thought I’d mention this paint app again since indoor painting season is beginning.



I was at a dinner party the other day.  Something rather shocking was said.  No, not religion or politics.  One of my friends mentioned that a nephew of his replaced a dishwasher.  He said “who can do that?” in astonishment.

I guess that shows how different people can be but still be friends.  I’ve replaced a bunch of dishwashers for myself, my dad (when he was older) and friends.  I thought best not to mention it. Really, ANYBODY can replace a dishwasher.

Fixing things was such a “given” in my household that I didn’t even consider that people wouldn’t try things themselves.  I so admired a nurse friend of mine when she got divorced.  The reason was her willingness to try to fix anything herself.  She’d do some web searching and then ask me some questions.  When I’d offer to help she would not accept most of the time and give it a shot herself.   She really began to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment (and also the saving of money).

So, I encourage you not to be so impressed by somebody that can replace a dishwasher and give it a shot yourself.  We have people at Durfee’s that can give outstanding advice.  Between my brothers, my nephew and me there are few things that we haven’t fixed, repaired, built, updated.   In addition to the advice, Durfee’s has all the tools you need to do the work.


My wooden windows are over 30 years old.  They are the dual pane thermal type and now a lot of them are getting foggy due to moisture in between the panes.  I brought them in to Durfee’s to have them repaired.  Wow, what a difference it is to look through clear glass!

I fertilized and limed my lawn again.  After a couple of rains the lawn looks unbelievable.  I’ll wait a little and try to get one more application in before the winter.

I’m putting new newel post on my deck and I had to get some fasteners to make sure it was mounted securely.  Didn’t forget the lock washers.

Oh, I also got more repair stuff for my driveway.  I know you hear that from me every fall but I am nursing this driveway because it is so expensive to have it repaved.

Finally, I got on the roof.  There was a leak in my over 30 year old roof and a cartridge of roof cement solved my problem.

Also, I’ve been going through that DAP 3.0 caulk like crazy.  It is awesome and using it likely means I won’t have to do repairs due to water ingress again.  Water is the enemy of your home (basement, wood, roof, etc….)


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