May 2019 – Durfee Newsletter

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The cold rain has finally subsided.  Let’s get on to some spring cleanup/planting/fun.  Our Bargains of the Month will help with that.

Also, Ryan and Paul buy a lot of “close outs” and you’ll see those deals inside the store.


Not sure if other people are like this but I think hand tools are really neat.   Some of the ones that I have and use were my grandfather’s.  (That would be the founder of the store, Clarence.)

Tools that are well made will serve you forever if you take care of them.  I learned that a long time ago.  When I got interested in cars and engines as a teenager I bought a great set of sockets and wrenches that I still have today.

Also, I bought a pair of linesman pliers back then when I worked as an electrician and I still have those pliers as well.

What has changed is that it is harder to find quality tools.  A lot of the names that meant quality in the past were bought by bigger companies that did not have the concern for quality shown by the original.  I suppose its partly our fault as consumers in general by always looking for a “bargain”.  Turns out that buying cheap tools is hardly a bargain.  They don’t last and they don’t work so great.

Anyway, that pair of linesman pliers is a tool that electricians do just about everything with.  You strip wire, cut wire, punch “knockouts” out.  You can still get a quality tool like that at Durfee’s.  I noticed that we have a linesman plier and screwdriver set from Klein tools on the second floor.  Klein is still a manufacturer with pride in their work.   Not the most inexpensive tool you will ever buy but it might actually be the best value if you keep it as long as I have.


Well, I decided to try to plant some apple trees.  This required me to dig some holes which I then filled with some topsoil and peat moss.

I also continued to cut some trees down to make room for the apple trees.  Anyway, I bought an extra chain saw chain so that I could have the original chain sharpened at Durfee’s.

I bought some more primer.  While I did finish the front porch and it looks beautiful, I still need to do the back porch.  I’m cutting more wood and need to prime it.

Finally, I planted some grass.  I have found it doesn’t pay to skimp on buying grass seed.  I buy the best and mix it with a little top soil and put it in the poorer spots in my lawn.  Since I’m lazy about watering I only do it in the spring and the fall.

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