May 2017 – Durfee Newsletter

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We would like to welcome Dave’s Marketplace to “Downtown Cranston,” as my dad used to call the Rolfe Square area.

Looks like the cold rain is over; time to get out in the yard and clean up!

The City of Cranston is picking up yard waste and here is how they define it:

Yard Waste is organic material such as, but not limited to, leaves, grass clippings, hedge clippings, brush and branches and other small vegetative material that may be naturally biodegradable. In the case of tree branches and shrubs, the length of these items shall not be more than four feet.

C’mon in to Durfee’s and get your yard waste bags! We also have a bunch of “springish” things on sale like:

May’s Features of the Month

Easy Care Sample Kit: Your Choice; Flat (205459), Satin (205460), Semi-Gloss (205461) or Eggshell (205462)

1 Gal. Zinsser Primer/Sealer (669630)
$15.99 Sale Price
$11.99 after Mail-In Rebate

4.75 Filler/Sealer (782542)

Your Choice, Painters Tape: Multi-Surface (119580) or Delicate Surface (157071)

Your Choice, Silicone Window/Door Caulk: White (510446) or Clear (510479)

Your Choice – X-O Rust Spray Enamel: White (192130) or Black (192131)

1.2 Gal Thompson’s Water Seal Wood Protector (126964)
$16.99 Sale Price
$13.99 after Mail-in Rebate

Your Choice: Steel Fence Posts; 3’ (146647) 4’ (150235) or 5’ (147454)

5’ Galvanized Hardware Cloth; 36” (256966)

5’ Galvanized Hardware Cloth; 24” (493596)

1 Gal. Watering Can (203986)

Your Choice – Lawn and Leaf Rakes; 30” Poly Leaf Rake (683964) or 22” Lawn and Leaf Rake (146483)

Natural Sash Cord; ¼” x 100 ft. (192583)

2.5 Gal. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (135382)

Your Choice – Furnace Filters; 16x20x1 (214021),16x25x1 (214023),20x20x1 (214026), or 20x25x1 (214028)

1 Qt. Vermin Repellent (586612)

HVAC Duct Tape (552453)

Your Choice – Qt. Motor Oil; 5W30 (161649), 5W20 (161776), 10W30 (161780), 10W40 (161781), or 20W50 (161782)

Solar Spot Light (186647)

Your Choice – 8 pk. Duracell Alkaline Batteries; AA (137898) or AAA (137899)

Your Choice – Duracell Batteries; 4 pk. C (193042), 4 pk. D (192096) or 2 pk. 9V (196615)

Poly Quad Chair in Red, Hunter Green or Royal Blue (199667)


I’ve gotten into the habit of having brunch or lunch with my wife on Rolfe Street on the weekends. I’m excited about the many changes that have happened and those that are to come. When I was a kid, lots of people walked around the neighborhood and I’m seeing that again.

It also reminded me of my grandmother. One of the things that I did with her was to change what was in the store windows so people could “window shop”. I think it was partially so that we could get the passersby to decide to come in but I also think it was part of her way of spending time with me. In fact, in those days we sold children’s toys and I distinctly remember spending a lot of time around Christmas to display all the new stuff.

In any case, its great to see the neighborhood coming out and strolling around Rolfe Street again.


I’ve done a lot of yard work these days. I have spread the Scott’s Step 2 Fertilizer on my lawn. I also bought 6 bags of topsoil and mixed it with some URI #2 grass seed and “top dressed” some spots in my lawn. This is pretty great to do in the spring or the fall, so you can rely on nature to do the watering (I am terrible with keeping-up with watering).

I special ordered a couple of things this month. One was a “stock tank” (it is basically a really sturdy large plastic tub) to hold water for animals to drink from. The other was a large metal garbage can with a lid that opens when you step on the pedal (this is no tiny thing, it says it holds 50 liters!).

Oh, I’m hopeful the heat will return so I bought some foam air conditioner insulation so I can put the window AC back in. I’m also finally going to junk my 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. It has a slight drip from the oil pan so I bought a bag of “Speedi-Dri” to absorb the oil before I clean the garage floor.

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