March 2019 – Durfee Newsletter

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In like a lion out like a lamb?  Well, you’ll still need to get your rock salt and also start thinking about spring.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a decent garden this year?


I got some “decorative lettuce” on my plate at a restaurant recently.  Funny, it reminded me of my dad.  You know he was born in 1922 and was brought up in the depression.  He wasn’t cheap but he was frugal if you know what I mean.  He would always eat the lettuce.  He also ate some odd stuff that I think was inexpensive when he was a kid like pickled pigs feet.  It was a wonder to watch him eat an apple (which he did just about every day and lived into his 80s) because he could eat the core till it almost looked like a toothpick.

I appreciate him passing some of that to me.  As you already know, this wasn’t just about food.  Its that attitude that had our whole family fixing everything around the house ourselves.   I’m starting to see the next generation start to see that fixing or painting things yourselves are a good way of stretching money.


  • Not sure how I lost my wood splitting maul but I did. Bought a nice one with a fiberglass handle so it won’t break.
  • My wife wanted to get some of the various organic soaps and kitchen soaps that we sell at the store.
  • I’m repainting my bathroom so I bought some ceiling paint and some brushes.
  • I bought some small kitchen containers to store stuff.
  • As usual I needed some Kleenex and some dishwasher tablets.


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