June 2017 – Durfee Newsletter

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We have great vegetable and flower plants now available! My brother Paul inherited my Dad’s green thumb, so he keeps the plants in our greenhouse looking great.

By the way, I personally bought one of those tape measures that are on sale. It’s a fantastic bargain.

June’s Features of the Month

Milwaukee 12v Drill Driver/Impact Driver Kit (211288)

Master Mechanic 4 pc. Plier and Wrench Set (213169)

Master Mechanic 20v Cordless Drill Kit (211896)

Dewalt 34 pc. Socket Set (202751)

Milwaukee 2 pc. 25 ft. Tape Measures (224376)


I had a breakfast on Rolfe Street last week. I’m finding that people can’t get out to lunch that easily but they can get out to breakfast. The person I was with had never been in Durfee’s before (WHAT??). I invited him over with me and I showed him around; he was quite impressed. He even saw a friend of his while we were walking around the second floor. He asked his friend “Don’t you work in California now? What are you doing in Durfee’s”. The reply was “You are right, I work in California but my family is in Barrington and I really like Durfee’s.” This happens a lot. We notice people coming in from all over because they feel our store has something special. Our family and the team at Durfee’s feel pretty great about that.


I’ve been so busy that my porch has pretty much rotted off the front of my house. I have decided to repair it this spring, so I’m buying wood stain for the decking along with paint brushes. I bought a little “bottle jack” to jack-up the roof so I can get the new porch posts installed.

I realized my battery-operated drill was a hundred years old, so I bought a new Master Mechanic drill and impact driver from the store. I will say, there is nothing like a corded circular saw, so I bought a brand new one (again, my old one was beat).

I’ll tell you more about what I’m doing next month (assuming it works out).

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