July 2019 – Durfee Newsletter

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Thanks for once again making Durfee Hardware the #1 hardware store in the Providence Journal’s Reader’s Choice awards!!!


I got another note from one of our customers the other day.  He mentioned how he really appreciated how my dad helped out with their son’s science fair project.  What our customer commented on was not so much what the help was but how my dad would listen to his son (rather than the parents).

My dad really loved kids and that came through in how he treated them when they came to the store or when he was teaching Sunday school.  He always spoke to them as if they were adults and he listened.  Maybe that was part of why they thought he was great.

He had a bunch of things he would do to try to get the kids interest.  One thing he would make and give away was a “whirly gig”.   Its just a simple circle of string that you put a large button on.  You can get that thing spinning pretty fast by moving your hands like you were playing an accordion.  I suppose it’s a good lesson in physics.  Simple but the kids seemed to like it.

Somewhere along the way he learned how to make a box our of a sheet of paper.  This little origami knowledge worked out well.

He also taught kids how to snap twine.  I know that sounds funny but there is a special little trick that he has taught tons of people.  It allows you to snap twine that you would never be able to do just by pulling it as hard as you can.

Finally, of course, I would bet there are thousands of people in the world that got a set of keys from my dad.  The keys didn’t fit anything but little kids seem to like to have their own set of keys.

Kids continue to be welcome at Durfees.  In fact, we have popcorn upstairs for free that they seem to enjoy.  (Their parents might even grab a kernel or two as well….)


  • Turns out deer love fruit trees….. Bought some deer repellent from Durfees.
  • More railing work at my house.
  • Got some roof adhesive and glued down some of the shingles so my roof will last until I can get the whole thing replaced (its over 30 years old).  Also used some caulking to keep the lead flashing from pulling away from the chimney.
  • I continue to use some “spot” weed killer to make my lawn look better.

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