January 2017 – Durfee Newsletter

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Did you know that we can service your business needs as well as your homeowner needs? As an example, we regularly sell ice melt by the pallet to our commercial customers. You can pick up or we can deliver. Just connect with Ryan and he’ll set you up. In fact, if you need any item in bulk you should check with us.

January’s Features of the Month

Your Choice: 66 qt. Latch Storage Box; Blue (138463), Pink (138460), Green (138464) or Clear (501876)

92 qt. Foot Locker (180312)

Your Choice: 18 Gal. Storage Tote; Green (190925), Blue (190927) or Pink (190928)

Ceramic Utility Heater (180111)

Your Choice: True Value Trash Bags; 33 Gal. Outdoor (181609) or 13 Gal. Tall Kitchen Bags (181610)

2 pk. 22 oz. High Traffic Foam Carpet Cleaner (218071)

12 oz. Odor Absorbing Gel Beads (196780) or (196781)
2 of $7.00


I was at the counter the other day and a woman was there buying the plastic tops for mason jars. She said that we were the first to carry these plastic tops and she really likes them. Then she mentioned that she would love to have the plastic tops for he wide mouth jars. Well, we put an order in for them the next day (I hope she is reading this so she’ll know to come down and get some). While she was at the counter she noticed the pickles that we sell. Yeah, I thought it was crazy too when Ryan said he ordered pickles. Turns out that we sell cases of them now! This is a nice thing about a local, family-owned store. We like to do special things for our customers. So, if there is something you would really like us to carry, let us know.

Between the pickles and the mason jars it reminded me of going to my grandmother’s house. She had an old stone basement with a dirt floor that was cool all year round. That is where she stored the pickles that she made. I used to make the very same pickles with my mom after my grandmother died. Funny how a single thing (like a pickle) can make you think of people you miss.

Anyway, we used to sell a ton of mason jars and things when I was a kid and then sales dropped off some. Now it seems to be coming back. I see my kids really getting into cooking more things from scratch rather than buying “processed” foods. That seems to be a trend.

I looked for my mom’s recipes for pickles but neither I nor my brothers could find them. I am guessing that they were my grandmother’s recipes so I have solicited my cousin’s help. I have a phone call into my cousin Dave to see if he can dig them up. If we find them, I’ll put them in a Newsletter.


I bought a 10ft USB phone charging cord. Ryan was able to find these really cool ones that have a strong braid on them so they won’t kink or cut. I put it in my car and people in the back seat can charge their phones as well. (Don’t worry he has iPhone ones as well.)

I took a day out of work that matched my brother Paul’s day off. Sometimes on bigger jobs you need moral support and Paul is a great guy to work with. He knows a lot, gives good advice, and isn’t afraid of rolling up his sleeves. So, we ripped out all the plumbing where the plastic pipe from the well enters my house and redid it. Now I have ball valves and unions so that if any changes need to be made in the future it won’t be an issue. The main reason for the change was the check valve was sticking. While I was at it, we replaced everything else.

We ran out of toilet paper and I got some more at the hardware store.

I think I have told you in the past that I have Raynaud’s syndrome which means my hands get icy cold this time of year (and my fingers sometimes turn white). Because of that I buy those hand-warmers every year.

The recent rain storm made me realize that my windshield wiper was going bad so I measured it up and got a new one at Durfee’s.

My wife wanted the refills for her “Swiffer”. Yup, we got those also.

By the way, it is a lot easier to start your generator or your snow blower if you have some starter fluid on hand. Yes, we have that as well. While we haven’t had to do too much of that yet, the time is coming.

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