February 2021 – Durfee Newsletter

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Well, last year wasn’t the year for snow but today — SNOW IS COMING – better get to Durfee’s to get all the stuff you need to handle it!!

The weather forecast is “Those north and west, including through a portion of south county, may see 7”-12” of snow or more”

People seem to like a little story

Speaking of snow, I recall a snow storm a long time ago.  I have two stories about the storm of 1978.  This is the first.

I was living in Providence and I had my 1974 Toyota Corolla that I was driving around in.  Funny, I paid $2800 new for it.  I could have had the fancier Toyota Celica for only $3200 but I did not have the extra cash.

Turns out my roommate from was from Texas.  He thought it would be neat to learn how to ice skate but he had rather huge feet so he could not find his size in town and would have to drive north to find them.   (I recall someplace like Foxboro maybe.)    He asked to borrow my car.

Turns out that he had never driven in snow (no surprise – not a lot of snow in Texas.  I was already a little nervous about him driving because he kept complaining about all our traffic circles here in the north (rotaries).  So, off he went in the morning and then the snow started to fall.  Hours went by and I was afraid he was lost or he had crashed the car.  No cell phones back then to find out.

Eventually I got a phone call.  He said he was at a restaurant called “One Steeple Street” and that he was warming up there to finish the walk back to the apartment.  He just didn’t think he could possibly make it up the hill.  Where is the car?  He told me he left it under the train tracks downtown.  (Of course, the relocation of the rivers downtown have long since removed those.)

I feared for what might be happening to my car.  There were all sorts of rumors of snowplows burying cars and hitting cars and cars getting towed.  After the storm, we went to get the car.  Well, being under the railroad bridge was a great thing because it was left alone by the DPW and police because there was no snow under there.  Not a bad job from a guy from the lone star state.

Stuff we did this month—

My bathroom faucet developed a crack in it.  I just bought a new one at Durfee’s.  My wife liked the looks of this fancy Delta faucet.  This installation went easily because I had the flexible supply connections already.  As far as the drain goes, you can usually trust the washers to seal the water out but I like to trust but verify as a former president used to say.  I use a little caulk as well.  Of course, I bought more cleaning stuff.  The stainless steel appliances looked like they needed help.  Also got the usual paper towels and toilet paper and kitchen garbage bags.

I had this little electronic device I was working with and had to drill a small hole in a circuit board to put another chip on there.  Well, Durfee’s has “number drills” that go down to a very small size that allowed me to get that taken care of.



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