December 2017 – Durfee Newsletter

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At Durfee’s, we would like to continue serving you better, so if there are any items that you would like to see us stock, please let us know. One recent example was a request for bicycle tire tubes in stock. You can now find them right by the front door!

December’s Features of the Month

18 Gallon Storage Tote (204527)

  • $4.97

18” x 30” Floor Mat (321372)

  • $5.99

Electric Stove Heater (674323)

  • $69.99

47” Ranch Fire Pit (227766)

  • $149.00

Portable LP Heater (113846)

  • $99.99

32 oz. Goo Gone All Purpose Cleaner (218589)

  • $3.99

Your Choice – Meyer’s Liquid Dish Soap

Lavender 12.5 oz. (124057) or 16 oz. (124058)

Lemon Verbena 12.5 oz. (124059) or 16 oz. (124073)

  • $2.99

24 oz. Granite Cleaner (617876)

  • $4.99

12 ft. Booster Cable (601904)

  • $9.99

Your Choice – Gorilla Glue

Original (205989); White (205996); or Super Glue (206004)

  • $4.99

200 pk. All Purpose Rags (868356)

  • $9.99

Your Choice – Dog Treats

30 oz. Bacon Strip (215017) or 40 oz. Beef & Pepperoni (215018)

  • $5.99

16 oz. Propane Camping Cylinder (310326)

  • $3.79

6 lb. Dog Biscuits (170759)

  • $5.99

Your Choice – 12 oz. Spray Enamel

Gloss Black (792173) or Gloss White (792187)

  • 2 for $5.00

21 pk. Mini Rawhide Bones (822603)

  • $9.99

1.88” x 38.2 yd. Packing Tape (162265)

  • $4.99

Your Choice – Trash Bags

Kitchen (144856); Outdoor (144858); or Lawn and Leaf Bags (144859)

  • $5.99

Solar Candle Lantern (199989)

  • $4.99


I realized I had a dead tree that could end up falling on my garage, so last weekend I got my axe out. Yes, I do have a chain saw, but I grabbed the axe anyway. One reason for this is that I like to hear when the tree is starting to crack; I guess I feel safer that way. The other reason is that my Dad generally used hand tools a lot.

I think it’s a generational thing. My generation started exercising and going to the gym. I can remember my Dad saying that he got his exercise working around the house and, I think, he thought that the idea of a gym was stupid. Chopping that tree down reminded me of him. I remember him handing me a splitting maul and telling me to split some wood. I made a face and he told me it was good exercise. Well, I will say, he is right about this lumberjack work. Chopping that tree down certainly burns some calories.


I continue to have some painting and caulking to do around the house. I trimmed a bunch of trees with the pole saw that was my Dad’s (he extended it with a length of aluminum tubing so it would go much higher). I also chopped that tree down. That last storm brought a couple of large branches down, so I got out the chain saw and chopped them up as well. Did you know that we sell pre-mixed gas for chain saws? The mix does not contain ethanol, which will make your chainsaw happy.

I am embarrassed to say that one of the tiles I laid down several years ago, cracked. I think that I must not have pushed the corner down properly into the mortar, so it wasn’t being supported by anything. When I moved the foot of a chair on top of it, there was a crack. Fortunately, I always save whatever is extra from jobs like that. If you use a contractor for any renovation work, I would highly suggest asking them to leave the extras for you as well.

So I used the diamond blade I bought and made several cuts through the tile so that I could take it out of the floor in pieces without cracking the other tiles. It came out nicely. Then I found the extra grout that I had saved as well. When I was done, my wife could not tell which tile I had replaced!!

I do want to mention that, with the weather we have been having, the grass I planted last month came up wonderfully.

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