August 2019 – Durfee Newsletter

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Perhaps you should think about your home weather stripping during the month of August if you have air conditioning.

By the way, if you do decide to stay inside, here is an app that will help you chose your paint colors.  Its available for all platforms.  It has good reviews but, more importantly, the paint itself has good reviews.


I’m sure you know that we have a fourth generation of Durfees working here at the hardware store.  People see this and seem me get older, and they ask me when I’ll retire.  I’m not sure why they care actually but maybe its because they are trying to figure out their own future as well.  We’ve had many great employees here at Durfee’s that retired from a previous career and realized that the traditional “retirement” wasn’t for them.  They were bored and still needed to work.

I suppose the best example of that was my dad.  He worked right up until he died at 88 years old.  I think maybe that is partly why he was interesting to hang around.  He still had new stories to tell and new customers to meet.

Maybe I’ll follow in his footsteps.  I joke that I will continue to “run” but maybe I won’t “run like I’m being chased” as I age.

Anyway, even if I slow down at work, the repairs on my 33 year old home are not going to slow down


Well, I didn’t do too much this month.  I focused on going to the beach more than anything else.  I will say that I bought the consumable stuff that you always need like paper towels, bathroom tissue, toilet paper, etc.

I did get some stainless screws in preparation for yet even more railing work at my house.


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