April 2019 – Durfee Newsletter

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OK, spring is here.  So you know, there is more than one company that makes a 4 step product.  We have all the stuff to make your lawn awesome.  There is moss control, weed control, fertilizer, etc.  You can put the crabgrass preventer down now.

Also, don’t forget to watch our sidewalk for when the flowers and vegetables show up for sale.


My son is engaged to a woman from California (thankfully she’s pretty great!).  It’s kind of a different culture just due to the weather.  Actually, they talk more about the traffic than they do weather because the weather doesn’t change much.

I just bring it up because I think that, while winter can be hard sometimes, that spring is fantastic.  People get all excited to plant things and everybody’s disposition lightens up.  That transition from winter to spring makes you appreciate going out without a coat on.

For baseball fans, spring training is a sign of spring.  You might think its silly but for us at the hardware store it is the changing of displays from snow based products to fertilizers, chain saws, lawn mowers, garden tools, etc.

I have to admit that it makes me happy to see Durfee’s has put the lawn mowers and wheelbarrows out on the sidewalk.  It’s a sign of spring……


I forget half of what I do around the house in a month.  I’ve been doing a lot of yard work and also inside painting these days.  I thought I’d copy my last receipt and put it here.   That is just one visit last week.

The fuel stabilizer is for the snow blower.  The pickaxe I bought (last item) was to dig some holes to plant a couple of trees.

  • .75CUFT PRM Top Soil
  • Cascade 14CT Action Pac
  • 25PK 1/2 Tube Strap
  • MM GAL Bar & Chain Oil
  • 6CT Wand Head Refill
  • 32OZ 50:1 Fuel/Oil
  • 4OZ Fuel Stabilizer
  • BLK Beaut3LB Grass Seed
  • 5LB FBG Pick Mattock

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